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Let women serve in combat, free of harassment by men

Yesterday came the news that the second of two female Marines to sign up for the current Infantry Officers Course  dropped out. The first one didn’t pass the introductory test that precedes the 13-week course. The other volunteer, also a second lieutenant, dropped out Sept. 28 after she was unable to complete the program’s introductory […]

Gurbani metaphors and Feminist oppression

PART I Gurbani employs numerous mythological notions and metaphors to explain reality to us Sikhs and instruct us on the Sikh way of life. Feminist notions collide head-on with many of the metaphors in SGGS. This post is a bit detailed because it’s important to set the stage properly for the question asked at the […]

Equality: The Trojan Horse for Feminism

The advocates of feminist ideology claim it’s only about the equality of men and women. That sounds like a very nice thing. The concept of equality in our religion is hundreds of years old. As Sikhs, we look towards Gurbani in the SGGS to understand what the equality of men an women really means. We […]