Equality: The Trojan Horse for Feminism

The advocates of feminist ideology claim it’s only about the equality of men and women. That sounds like a very nice thing.

The concept of equality in our religion is hundreds of years old. As Sikhs, we look towards Gurbani in the SGGS to understand what the equality of men an women really means.

We do not need a new ideology to understand what equality means to Sikhs.

If feminism means by equality the same exact thing as in Gurbani, why do we have to recognize feminism? It is redundant. It’s like calling your hand by another name. That adds zero value to our understanding of the hand as an object, or to the functional utility of the hand as an organ. No, you just call it ‘hand.’

There is a lot more to feminism than this facade of equality of men and women. The idea of equality is employed to gain entry, establish a foothold and then quickly pivot towards pushing the rest of  feminist ideology. That is why ‘equality’ is a Trojan horse. Scratch the surface of feminist ideology and you’ll find that it’s about anything BUT equality. (More on this in future posts).

There are two aspects of this claim of feminism being about equality of men and women that we ought to consider:

1. What is the definition of ‘equality’? Does it mean equality of worth and respect as a human being? Does it mean equality of opportunity in society? Does it mean equality of inputs? Or does it mean equality of outcomes? For every situation or issue, feminists pick and choose the definition of equality that best suits their ideological goals. It’s never consistent.

2. What is the goal of feminism? At a practical level, feminism has been employed to change society. What are the changes resulting from this project? Are those changes resonant with Gurbani?


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