Ripe fruits of feminism: Germaine Greer on fathers and daughters

[Video clip length is 2 min 38 s].

Once in a while the lunacy at the core of the thinking of feminists becomes apparent like a glitch in the Matrix. Here’s a good one, from none other than feminist icon Germaine Greer. Decide for yourself what is going on in her big feminist head. And then recall that she and her fellow feminist leaders are responsible for the changes in society that have ruined the family as a social unit. This video clip is a perfect illustration of just what feminists think of the family.

Feminists are going to rationalize, deny or just claim this is an exception of some kind. Nope. Feminists own this. Greer is a highly celebrated longtime feminist leader.

There is a bonus element in this video, showing just how great a human being Germaine Greer is: at 1:02 in the video she rolls her eyes at the father objecting to her lunatic pronouncements. Unfortunately she is not an exception.

What you’re seeing here is the pure, unpolished and unobfuscated core of feminist ideology. It is ugly.

Explain once again how one can be a Sikh and a feminist.


One comment

  1. chris mcchesnie · · Reply

    Feminists ruined society plain and simple.
    ive got a 4 year old son. And no legal right to see him. But I still get the bill.
    ive got no criminal record. I pay my taxes and work hard.
    family court was my ex a female judge and 2 female lawyers.
    I was told to shut up when I spoke.
    Sound like equal rights to you?
    what would a woman say if the shoes were on the other foot?
    fuck em. I dont even give my real name to girls i bang anymore.

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