Ripe fruits of feminism: Dr. Kermit Gosnell and his House of Horrors


Over the weekend, the Kermit Gosnell abortion abattoir scandal blew up on Twitter. If you haven’t heard about it, there’s a good reason: the legacy media  outlets – TV, newspapers & major corporate online websites – have adopted a near-total silence about this mind-boggling atrocity that was accidentally uncovered three years ago.

Be sure to watch the ‘smoking gun’ video below.

There are many angles to this scandal, but the most significant one is this: Dr. Gosnell, and his staff, beheaded babies – potentially hundreds of them – who survived abortion. This fact is not debatable. Read the Grand Jury report [PDF, very graphic].

If you acknowledge that a live baby lying on a table, kicking, breathing and crying or playing with the medical staff, is a person and not just a fetus, then Dr. Gosnell may well turn out to be the biggest mass murderer in the history of the United States.

Now abortion, like death penalty, is a complicated issue, and reasonable people can debate about it to a finite extent. The Gosnell scandal, however,  is far outside that finite extent. You don’t play with a baby lying on a table, or say that “he’s so big he could walk me to the bus stop” and then proceed to kill it with a pair of scissors to the spinal cord in its neck, and call it an abortion. No, it’s cold blooded murder.


Here is why the Gosnell scandal is one of the ripened fruits of Feminism: it would never have been possible for Gosnell to do what he did, and not get caught for decades doing it, if the feminist abortion industrial complex had not created the legal, regulatory, political and cultural shield that is overwhelming in scope but deceptive and obscure in appearance to the public.

Look at some of the key facts:

  • Gosnell’s clinic was part of the legally operating nexus of abortion facilities. The powerful Feminist establishment has consistently and vehemently fought against attempts at regulation of abortion clinics. Their overwhelming success makes the NRA look like amateurs.
  • In a political decision, governor Tom Ridge stopped inspections of abortion clinics in 1993. As a result, Gosnell’s clinic was not inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Health for 17 years. Think about that for a moment. Nail and hair salons are regulated and inspected more rigorously than abortion clinics.
  • An inspector from National Abortion Federation found the clinic conditions & practices unacceptable for membership into NAF. Despite the awful facts the NAF inspector observed and learned, she and the NAF chose to keep silent instead of reporting Gosnell to the authorities.
  • Gosnell was caught only as a result of  investigation into illegal drug prescriptions. Abortion clinic regulators chose to look the other way, even dismissing direct complaints from former employees. Gosnell was well-known to the government bureaucrats and the abortion industry honchos: he had 46 known lawsuits and multiple direct complaints to the authorities. We have no idea how many more like him are operating in the entire United States.
  • Gosnell was caught more than two years ago. The big media outlets have always been dominated by feminists and pro-feminist enablers. They stand guilty of providing a cover of silence to the atrocities in the abortion clinics.

Here’s the smoking gun: a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood asking Florida legislature to legally allow EXACTLY what Dr. Kermit Gosnell did. She is ardently arguing against providing life support to infants born alive during an abortion. This is unbelievable stuff for any rational, reasonable mind, but here it is, straight from a paid, official  functionary of the feminist establishment, in an official venue. 

Watch the video and then think about what Gosnell did to infants born alive in an abortion clinic setting during abortion for decades. Planned Parenthood is lobbying down in Florida to make it legally permissible.

Regardless of how furiously feminists spin the hamster wheel, they cannot deny that their official, powerful agent (Planned Parenthood) is lobbying to extend legal cover to Gosnell and others like him.

Feminists argue that this case is about greed, illegal practices and desperate, poor women. And of course they will claim how it was patriarchy that made everyone involved do what they did in this scandal.

The elephant in the room is that the feminist establishment has created the logistics and the environment for mind-boggling atrocities like this and is now actively working to provide it legal cover as well. For them, a legal redefinition of abortion to cover born-alive situations makes the entire problem go away.

There’s no distinction between Dr. Gosnell and other extremists among feminists.


Feminists own Dr. Gosnell’s crimes. And those of others like him who are going undetected because of feminists shielding them.

Can a Sikh take part in any of this stuff? No, being a feminist is the opposite of being a Sikh.


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