Our comment at a community website

The text below was posted as a comment in response to an article titled “A Silent April No More: Fighting Domestic Rape” at SikhChic.com. We hope it will be approved and seen by the readership of SikhChic. Minor edits have been made to correct grammar and improve clarity.

That there are already laws covering violence against anyone does not matter. Feminists have manufactured new categories of crimes to destroy men and families.

Let this article be a warning to Sikh men: the feminist-controlled divorce industrial complex has breached the borders of the Sikh community and invaded our families. The genuine issue of abuse by a spouse (more commonly by men but increasingly by women too) has been hijacked and weaponized by the feminist establishment and used with diabolical effectiveness as a Trojan horse to destroy families, the epicenter of alleged “oppression” of bored upper-middle class women like Betty Freidan.

With their motto of “the personal is political” nothing is off-limits to feminists, so to hell with the marriage contract too. It’s all about “empowering” women and destroying the traditional family, the bedrock of the Sikh community for hundreds of years.

Again, the fact is that violence against anyone, including within married couples, is already illegal.

Notice also that the article mentions the word ‘marriage’ or a variation of it just once. So too the word ‘husband’, and ‘wife’ mentioned not at all. ‘Partner’ is a word covering mostly fornication, and the article implicitly condones fornication. Think about what your Sikh daughters will learn from reading this article.

SikhChic is a reputable website, a worthy resource for the community, and it is clear a lot of hard work goes into making it so. It should scrutinize the propaganda of the feminist establishment harder and address genuine issues of violence in Sikh families in a way that doesn’t let the feminist Trojan horses in.

There will be more discussion of this issue at our blog: https://sikhantifeminist.wordpress.com

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